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Coworking space for lobbyists opening in James Center


Angie Bezik remembers hiding in a closet, whispering into her phone and covering herself with coats to muffle the sound. She was on an important, sensitive call as part of her work as a lobbyist, and there was no way to know if someone could walk in or hear her at any moment.


“There’s gotta be a better way,” she recalled thinking at that moment several years ago.

Inspired by her coat closet incident and years of working in hotel rooms and hallways, Bezik and business partner Cindy DiFranco are starting Capitol Caucus, a coworking space exclusive to lobbyists, advocates, nonprofit folks and others who engage with the commonwealth’s government.  Read more...



Steps from the Capitol

The Capitol Caucus was conceived by government affairs professionals working in Richmond's Capitol Square to meet the unique unmet needs of our colleagues by providing a solution to the Capitol Square work experience. 

Our members are part of a community of smaller, boutique government affairs and association professionals who are looking to brand their firm with a downtown professional workspace in a Class A space within walking distance to Capitol Square and a myriad of state agency and commission offices.

Whether you prefer a private office on the main floor or up in the mezzanine, or you simply want to enjoy a breather from the General Assembly in one of our open space options, you will be surrounded by professionals who like you are working towards change.

We like our home office too, but we also like amenities.  Our members will not only enjoy all our Capitol Caucus space offers, but they will also enjoy access to multiple dining options, hotel, banking, personal services and parking options all without having to step outside!  

Yes, we said parking.  

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